The Pitons of Saint Lucia

                                The Pitons of Saint Lucia


 "Tropical Horizon Imports" originated when, while visiting the

beautiful Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia, we discovered a rare and

exotic coffee called  "Green Gold Mountain Coffee".


It was once known as the finest coffee in the world.


   Due to wars and changes in the islands nationality, this

wonderful coffee was almost forgotten.Today this unique and

specially roasted coffee is almost indigenous to the island of Saint



"Tropical Horizon Imports" now makes it possible for you to

share this wonderful heritage with our "Green Gold Mountain



   After deciding to bring this coffee to North America, we

discovered that "Viking Traders"  who produce this coffee, also produce over 100 other incredible products. We are now proud

to announce that we represent "Viking Traders" in Canada and

the United States.


   As we develop our company, you will see "Viking" products in

your stores and you will also be able to purchase these items from

this website. We look forward to hearing from you.




 Ted Moseman

 President & CEO

"Tropical Horizon Imports LTD."

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