Green Gold Mountain Coffee 

    Saint Lucia has been known for producing a coffee that was considered the finest in the world for more than 50 years. This unique coffee with its special roasting process is now available in North America, exclusively from "Tropical Horizon Imports".




Viking Pepper Sauces:             DAM HOT                                          HOT   

"Dam Hot", "Hot", & "Mild" Pepper Sauces won 1st place in the world award at the Fiery Food

Challenge in Albuquerque New Mexico.





                                                YOMM Dried Loose Flowers Tea  

For those who like to steep their own tea, explore cooking or just like the aroma of the Hibiscus flower, we offer dried, loose flower petals. These dried petals are packed in air tight, foil bags and are sold in bulk. They are the ideal item for those who like the benefits of Hibiscus every day. 


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5 September 2023
Hello everyone:   Had a great summer! We took some time off for some RV travel to Montana but we are back and have our wonderful Green Gold Mountain Coffee and our Vik...